It's time to step up with a post that is something a little different. I'd say this would be a weekly thing but you know us, promises aren't what we are about.

One promise is that we are proud to present Netto Prawn's Game of S.K.A.T.E this year and that the event will be held on Sunday May the 2nd. Entry price tba.

Hopefully we'll be getting the event hooked up with some Red Bull for one and all, maybe even some music from Tom Kirkby and his homies. Not too clear on prizes, surely will be some on top of the entry money which will go to the winner.

Talks with Netto are currently under way discussing supplying the winner with a life time supply of their own brand prawns.

dD Tshirts/ We got that Frost man
Hopper claimed he he was going to pay for the Biggie deal himself and make mad dollar, but after votes we should be bringing out the O.G dD t shirt soon enough, and since we are dead canny we are doing it through Jackie and he will be getting all the pennies. Believe.

Along with the t shirts came many rumours when Koston was recently spotted repping a sample. We can now confirm that Eric Koston will be Digital Deekies' first pro rider, expect much low quality Froston phone footage soon.

Don't call it a come back

Stephen Lethalmore has made more comebacks than Rocky Balboa. Expect to see everyone's favourite tweaker back on the session in the next few weeks to come with tigher pants and more scene kid friends than ever.

With this comeback some skateboarders have been worried about Stephen's affect on their skate wags. Stephen has been known to make a woman climax just by pushing mongo switch by them.

As a precaution, we recommend anyone that brings their other half out to watch them repeatedly try still kickflips on the flat as the drink cider out of boost bottles to do the right thing and leave them at home/the monument/with the Piwi.

With this news we have been asked to inform that the following video is now void....