first spot was college bank. wizzley didn't look very stoked.

we got hoyed out pretty much straight away. what a belta.

then we skated the car park spot that you get kicked out instantly from. it must have been our lucky day. we skated it for like an hour then left when we were over it. wizzley front biggy.

blinky drop off the gnarly fence into the bank.

then we went to the arena, blinky caveman boardslide the handrail.

we went on missions to leazers park then because the cougar was apparently gunna tre the 13.

wee man kickflip the 5 with a gap in front of it.

hare krishna's were on the session bailing through the park. if you don't know what hare krishnas are, youtube that shit. i think they're like some sort of hindu monks who love to sing their own name. like pokemon @s.

the cougar must have got over it because he was no where to be seen. little connor ollie over a wall onto some wood.

little connor got over and went to sleep in a car boot.