Shitley Gay

So after yesterdays success of playing skateboards in a coastal town we decided to go to Whitley Bay.

The crew was myself, Adam, Bish, Hopper and Randiddly.

We took the metro because Bish had left his van at the metro station.

We got to Whitley Bay park, I burst my self rolling about, King Adam got asked for an autograph and we were over it very swiftly.

Local OG David Hopper was on hand to take us to some spots, we also decided to get holiday snaps along the way.

Bish got his 5.0 on then hit a stone and kicked his board in the water.

We then skated this bank and walked aimlessly about until we went back to Whitley Bay and decided it was shit. On the way home the worst family of radgies got on the metro and spent the journey stealing Ranson's hat, flicking Bish's hair and throwing sand at me.

Also here's some stuff from a few days ago I couldn't be arsed to put up.