Brother Bruce BBQ

Skating at Coxhoe was over pretty quick today so we made the best of it and had our selves a BBQ at Weeman and Logs' house.
The Wee just couldn't wait for some meat.

The Log was just stoked on being outside.

Meldy did skate today but today we will be showing you what he does best.

Hoggy was the only one who knew how to get everything going, but had to dash before any eating.

We couldn't cook anything on it until all the shit was cleaned off.

Once it was sorted, The Log sorted himself a snoot.

Plenty o' meat.

Joe just was getting excited.

Chicken always goes down a treat.

Sun still shining. Joe was ready to destroy it...

He had even try to eat his own shin at one point he was so hungry.

Wee thought it was rockin'.

Barbecrew shot.

Meldy was pretty pissed when he found out The Log ate one of his lamb chops.