Play:Space Skate Project

"5 months in and we have a wealth of info to show off Tyneside's skate scene at the play:space event at Dance City, 19th June.

We'd like to add your tales of delight and mayhem. Can you write 50 words about your legends ? (post them on the forum topic) Legendary posts and legendary people, who did what, when, top days out. Especially at Bridges, Exi, wasteland, pig & whistle, Law Courts and Leazes Park; we'll like to weave them into the event.

Many thanks for the maps and photos. Anyone can upload photos to the Flickr or Facebook pages. Dive in.
Feel free to get in touch with any comments, feedback, questions.

All maps so far at Flickr
Photos at Flickr

Play:space. psychocgeography maps, photos and video from local skaters, mega map to grafitti, June 19th, 1-5pm, free, all welcome, part of Dance City's Urban Alchemy programme and the North East Festival of Architecture, more info on NEFA

ta, Mike J, Adam Jenson, Jon Swords"