Rubber Dingy Rapids bro.

Create Skate was riding for the ride.

Earlier today's session was powered by the Element child, Greg Wilson.

He has had the best hand job in town.

We decided to hit up Washington again, I was a bit sad the quarter didn't say 'Stitt loves massive cock" anymore. Chris hit it hard.

K grind, one of many tricks Wee put down.

On leaving we spied Bish doing boardslides.

His skating was cut short due to his modelling job...
Purchase the Shake Junt tees he is repping from Native. Let Jackie 'Get Buck'.

We thought maybe JD's band would lead us to a great spot.
They led us to their home town, Gateshead stair ledges. This is where Joe bid us farewell.

The camera came out.

Bish with one of his staple moves. Noseslide shuvs.

Tom loves Twitter loads and didn't stop tweet. Tweet tweet tweet.

Bish got shit rolled and checked it out.

Time for Matty to take some signature slams and rip his kegs off whilst filming a nice line.

TGI Tuesdays son.