should have taken more pictures.
mad product was up for grabs. adairsy taking tight pants to the extreme in the background. yeah camel toe.
biscuit drew names for the game of b.l.a.c.k.
adam wrote that shit down.
biscuit and whiskey drew each other's names on their boards for good luck.
yeah dawgs.
mini ramp jam, joetorious V.I.P shut it down. ollie off the extension into the shralp.
blinky also shut it down. heelblock.
some sort of shralp trick.
back D.
blinky won the mini ramp contest and joev came 2nd. way more hammers went down but i didn't get pictures.
hubba contest biscuit back lip.
little connor did front tail bigspin. fuck knows how he won both prizes.

ginger jamie back noseblunt.