Another day where I went to town and then came straight back home to skate a spot two minutes from my house.

So another day happened where I couldn't decide whether it was going to piss it down or be lovely. Went to town to meet people and then found out the decision had been made to skate the downhill manny pad in Gosforth which I have to walk past to get the bus to town.

The crew was myself, Tom, Matty and Bish.

Matty was filming Tom for Pigs in Wigs which is very close to being finished. Bish was skating around getting in the way of all types of cameras.

After a while he settled down to filming art for little filler bits. This included ants, me burning ants, Tom's legs and various pieces of shrubbery.

We then went to Crammy to skate but sadly it rained.

Luckily Matty's house was close by so we watched his latest monthly montage which I was pretty stoked on.

It turns out that Matty isn't actually a sexual deviant, the vibes of his room just make people want to get it on. This is the ownly SFW photo I took before it turned into a full on bag out Brown on White porn film.

And then suddenly Elvis arrived to tell us homosexual interracial love is wrong and that Newcastle was dry. So we left and skated nowhere else!