Wasteland Again

So the plan was to go to Meadowell then it changed to go to Seaburn then some how we ended up at the Wasteland.

It was pretty quiet at the Wasteland. Champion heavy weight wrestling tag team, Shredability, were out. Randiddly and Cherry turned up later. Apart from that, there was one kid who was desperately trying to get a rather large slag to have as much off his bucket so he could take into the bushes and have sweet crab ridden love.

There's a new obstacle been built at the Wasteland and a lot of people are claiming it's the best yet. London Tom was eyeing it up for a shralp.

He then proceeded to try said shralp.

Tom Fone found a new rad way to make his head look just grand.

It was a pretty quiet day but here's a little montage from the Wasteland.


PS. Rumor is that Pig N Whistle handrail has been un skate stopped so hit that up.