Bish and Mellon's weekend of fun

So  this weekend the Black Bish came down to London to do Indian family things but also had some free time to hit up the shralping.

Black Bish loves Mudchute almost as much as he loves Smooth path. Here he is blowing minds and skating transition with a boardslide to flat. A lot of people often wonder how long it takes someone of Bish's talent to roll away from a banger. Here's a dD exclusive to show you the process before the hammers get dropped.

This is me doing a front tail but making it more steamlined by taking out any style or finesse.

If you look past the Indian gentleman you can see an urban fox being a real city G.

We ended up leaving Mudchute because lots of mandem were chilling on the bench and giving Bish dirty looks for hanging out with a whitey. We decided to go and be tourists for a bit. Here is Black Bish hitting up Nelson's column.

I was a lion because that's what British people are.

On day two we met up with Stu and Ben at Stockwell.

I personally love Stockwell, it's fun to cruise around and has millions of little bumps and bowls to pop out of.

Everyone else however did not love it as much and we left for Clapham Common.

Sadly when we got there it rained and Bish had a sandwich he wanted to sit down to eat. I bid farewell and went to Southbank to meet people, Bish went to Stu's to eat food and watch 'The End'.

So I've realised that skateboarding is dead. It's just a bunch of guys on planks of wood with wheels, what's cool about that? Urban football is where it's at.

So Southbank was the same as it always was, full of tourists, full of skaters, full of underage skate slags and unbelievably slippery.

So while I kept it real and went skating I gave Bish the camera and from the photos it appears that they ate jam, had tea and sat on the floor so I'm glad I decided not to be a pussy and keep skating.

I rendezvous'd with Bish at a spot near mine where Lucien Clarke back noseblunted across in his mag minute. We came back to mine where Bish posed in my room, in my lounge and then left.


Also this is the 800th dD post, realise.