Pigs in Wigs Party Time.

Pictures and words courtesy of the one and only Bingo...
Newcastles finest Jimbo, King Adam and ginger Jamie
Three of our favourite Geordies sir Raniel of Dansonshire, Vogue model Adairsy and the man with the curtains Matty Smith.
Good to see Mr.Apomah could make it out so soon after becoming a dad, Bishnavitch and Jackie taking a rare two hours out of his work schedule.
Bish and Kurt Mitchell... Bish was just starting his second bottle of red at this point and im told things went from bad to worse after this. Probably not as drunk as Stitt though eh?
Bad ass Buster getting all colour co-ordinated and Wizley who sacrificed his arm for the video.
Crowd was going off. Pretty much the whole Newcastle scene in one room.
Bish in a sober moment not making a speech.
Certified legends in the game Neil Urwin and Gordon Skrezka.
Drunken Mischief heads had a good time and drank too much. Thanks for having us Bish and the deekies crew for hosting an epic night