Blind Johnny

So it's cold, wet and if the photos are to be believed, it's a white Christmas at Bridges.

To bring some cheer in these dark days, here is a selection of my favorite photos by Blind Johnny.

This photo is rad as fuck because it's Blinky killing it on transition and because as soon as someone points out the bike on the left hand side, it's impossible not to notice it.

Any photos or footage of Dan always shows off how good he is, and how much steez he has.

No set of photos is complete without Bish doing a hippie jump. Love the shapes in this one, and love the fact that Wasteland looks deceivingly good.

Most of the skaters will not remember Consett Ant, well when this was first built he tried to ollie the stairs and got burst. Stokes me out to see Jamie not only hitting it up again but flying over the handrail.

No Complys are rad, no complies down massive sets are ridiculous. This wasn't landed according to Flickr but those stairs make me feel ill when I walk up them so this is still sick.

This literally blows my dick off because that transition is hard to ride, that kid is young enough to be an illegitimate child of mine and the park is wet.

Don't know why but I love photos of people doing tricks whilst being filmed. I also like Justin Bieber look alikes who push mongo and beninhanas, so really this photo ticks all the boxes.

This spot is right next to my house in London which means I automatically like it, and if you have ever watched any video which features it with me you will know, I love pointing this out.

I also love when members of the Deekies are in London and this particular trip was sick.

Johnny asked me to post this because he's stoked on it, and I agree, he's really captured the beauty of Matty which makes him irresistable to men and women alike.

So that's a very small selection of photos, but Johnny is on it 24/7 with his photography so go and look at his Flickr because he doesn't take bad photos and it is a much more entertaining way to spend your time on the internet than refreshing Facebook.

Johnny Haynes' Flickr