Consett and Stanley and a secret school.

So Kurt, Ranson and Blind Johnny decided to pay me a visit so I thought I'd take them down to Consett and a few other spots we didn't get a chance to skate last time a deekies crew were down this way.

Click to enlarge, some of the photo's are a bit shit as am still getting the hang of this skate photo malarkey.

Ranson was on the blog as per.

But he also threw down a cheeky nollie shov over the hump.

Kurt with a kickflip.

And Johnny with a shov tailgrab. He did loads of other tricks but the photo's came out pretty bad!

Next we hit up a big gap for kurt which filmed and Johnny shot a lovely photo of. Both things will appear in the the future I imagine, plus Kurt landed his trick first go!

So next up was a spot near my house which I had passed a few times, the spot could be gold. Two super low 6 stair handrails, a flat rail off a ledge, a long ledge coming off a long 6 stair and yard full of picnic benches. We didn't have any wax so we just had a piss about and Kurt did a nice ollie.

Last spot of the day was Stanley handrail so that Kurt could shoot his next Native ad. I won't spoil Johnny's photo's so here is Kurt running down the stairs with a flash going off.