Deekies come to Consett

As some of you know I'm still recovering at home near Consett. Well Matty, Tom, Adam and Lally came to pay me a visit, so I could show them some spots and eat some food.

Click on the pics to make bigger.

The first spot was one me and Matty had been looking at for a while. When we got there it was a little bit overgrown so it was decided that we would come back with some grass clippers.

Next on the list was Consett skate park.
Matty got his blunt on.

Lally with the bs smith.

Matty with a close up fs smith.

After that warm up Matty went to hit up the Consett rails.

Adam took some photo's aswell.

Fs Nose.


The final spot of the day was Consett hump, rough and not that easy to skate.

Lally big ollie.

Matty tre.