London town

So Matty Smith rang me last night and after our weekly phone sex session he told me he was coming to stay the next day.

We went out in the very cold London weather and skated.

Matty was repping dD.

We went to my local homemade quarter spot but sadly it was back to it's old use as a pond and full of water.

We then went and got our grub on whilst waiting for Nick to come out of uni.

Matty did gap footplant which is radder than it appears in my poorly taken photo.

So after a little manny pad session which never look interesting in photos we decided to skate over the barrier which looks slightly more interesting in photos.

Nick was warming up with an ollie....

...but snapped his board doing it and I mistimed the photo of him focusing his board because I'm a class act.

So it was super cold and my wheel kept falling off so I did a back 180 to remind people that I haven't died of diabetes quite yet.

Matty did a cheeky front 180 up, switch ollie over.

He followed this with a steezed out nollie.

Then took a metaphorical shit on my chest and switch back 180'd it.

He then fell over so we're even and he's still allowed to sleep on my couch.

Then since my wheel fell off, Nick's board snapped and Matty popped a bearing we returned home so Matty could make my toilet unuseable* for the foreseeable and play on my Xbox.


*Matty would like to state that the claim of him destroying my toilet is a fabrication and was only said for the comedy purposes.