It's time for another KOTHM, it has been far too long and this year the main idea is to make sure each team has a good time and have edits to reflect this. The edits will be judged on the most interesting and enjoyable to watch, and good tricks and good times are always involved in that.

This means…

·   There are no “10 tricks on a block”. The tricks and spots are pretty much up to you, with a few special exceptions.

·    Each team must skate 8 or more spots and one skate park max. This should keep the edits interesting.

·    Some teams may receive additional challenges via SMS.

·    You have from the time you receive your team specific challenges at 4pm from Native Skate Store tomorrow (22/4) until midnight Sunday to get your tricks and party your lips off.

·    The edits must be finished by the following Sunday in video file form. (more on this will posted next week) Each edit should be around 8 to 10 minutes long.

Other than your team specific here are some challenges for everyone to get involved with...

Most interesting place to write dD, Native or HOWMAN. (This could even be permanently on your skin)

Biggest stair set

Film 0 tricks at five bridges

Best hill bomb

Skate up a handrail

Highest sticker slap on ‘The Hand’

Best photo from the weekend

Highest hippy jump

Best trick on something other than a skateboard

Longest powerslide

Most tech trick

Most tricks in a combo

Sabotage another teams attempt to film something

Skate a skate stopped spot

Skate stop a skateable spot

Make a spot

Bring back an OG

Blag some free product from a skateboard company

Build a DIY skateboard and skate it

Longest grind

NBD down Law Courts 8

Best party

Remember this isn't all the challenges, and these aren't essential, but the more you do, the better you will be judged. Each team will receive their specific 'to do list' at 4pm  tomorrow when the event kicks off.  Enjoy the weekend and shred.

....and if you can't think of anywhere to go here are 100 possible places SPOT GUIDE