"Good men and true, that would stand together like other men wouldn't"

So this weekend saw Big Neill's stag do in Barcelona. Neill himself is not a skater but if he's not King of the How Man, then who the hell is?

Anyway, we got hooked up with a sick pad which overlooked this pretty sick street. The plan was mainly to get drunk but I brought my board because I knew I'd have a little bit of free time and who can miss an opportunity to go skating.

First spot we went to was the marble banks down by the marina but I managed to slip out and kick my board under some senorita's bike and focus her. If it had been a romantic comedy I would have helped her up and bought her dinner and then we'd have made passionate love on the beach but the reality is, she ate shit then she called me the equivalent of a cunt in Spanish and cycled off.

Bish rocked his Deekies tee the whole weekend and also drank his weight in Sangria and hustled some locals in a game of Pitch and Toss outside a bar.

So since we were over the banks being well slippy we decided to mission along the beach because apparently there's a park somewhere along there and it's essentially a stripclub for free, although there were a lot of dudes rocking pretty tight speedos and big guns which Bish kept sneaking peeks at.

After walking about 300 miles we were pretty tired and these benches were good for sitting. Bish was still sweating out the copious amounts of alcohol from his brain and I was only slightly better so I did a backside noseslide then called it a day.

The flat we were staying in was massive and had loads of beds but we had around 20 people to many for it so this is how we ended the night. I was in the fetal position, Jackie and Bish somehow got into a snoring contest then I had a freak out from too much drink and punched Bish because I thought he was a pickpocket.

This is Mel, he is 67 and slept for 3 hours over the 3 days we were there until passing out for an hour on the Sunday. The only food he ate was peanuts and he drank a giant pot which consisted of a mixture of Sangria, Vodka, 79% absinthe and fuck knows what else.

A good way to sum up how loose it got is that I had to go to two different hospitals, someone got there teeth nutted out, 3 phones got stolen, we hustled about 25 euros in pitch and toss before getting busted by undercover police, I performed a chunder dragon, Jackie tried to convince me to kill a hooker with him and Mel the 67 year old was still drinking absinthe when I left for my flight even though they were getting on there's about an hour later.

Pretty much a dD trip to somewhere this summer has to happen as it's too rad going somewhere different.