Ridin' dDirty. Mega Saturday.

As many a Saturday begins, we started off at local skateboard megastore, Native Skate Store.
We bumped into The Tiger, he was smiling at how many hammers he was probably about to do somewhere.
We took a tour of spots that most people don't really bother with today. Guess what trick Matty is doing above and you can have a dD t shirt.
Hopper loved the spot.
Oh is that me doing a backsmith? Yeah, yeah it is. Suprise suprise.
Hopper loved the spot
Powerslides on pavement hillbombs.
Now to the tricks of the day. Matty, above, 5050 the rail.
Will Creswick, grinding the nose.
Will, backsmith.
Hopper loved the spot.
Team photo.
KFC was the real ender. Hopper did love this spot.