Have a word - Connor North

Connor North has recently got himself on Fabric Skateboards, and it is well deserved, he is not just a high pitched little kid kickflipping off massive ledges anymore, he now genuinely has one of the best styles in the North East and you'll see a few post below that he can put out some amazing footage. We recently gave him a lighter and a high 5 for his good efforts and now he is here answering some of those burning questions you all have....

How did you find out that The Jackie wanted you to ride for Fabric?
He was trying to ring me but I was in a lesson so rang him back on the way home and got stoked.

How is Jackie as your TM? Does he burst you if you aren't killing it and putting out footage? 
Nah, not really he's pretty chilled to be honest, unless I don't get pictures, then he confiscates my panda pop.

Over to back lipslide.
Are you the hot shit in school now that you are almost a proffesional skateboarder? Do the teachers let you go skating and all the girls like your pictures on facebook?
Hahaha dunno get a lot of randoms saying they seen the vid which is cool and my ICT teacher was hyped. The girls love my pictures anyway bittchh!

I bet your Mam is the most stoked. She left a comment on the 'Night With Connor North Video' and she was very proud. Does she make you your favourite bagged lunch all the time now?
Arr fuck that shit was a cringe man but aye, I get an extra cheese string these days living the good life.

Who did you look up to when you were the littlest Little Connor arriving on the Newcastle skate scene?
All the homies, Busters Weekly Montage blew my lil mind.

You ended up in plenty of BWM, mainly jumping of stuff. Do you think your skating has changed alot since then? Do you still jump of things or do you like to do Fully Flared ledge dancing like you did in Sidewalk years ago?
Yeah skating changed a bit I guess, I tend not to jump of the biggest things in sight anymore as it comes with a painful out come but still a couple of stair tricks feel sick when you land them. You've got to learn to skate ledges I guess living in the Toon, because you're going to make friends with the infamous Bridges in the end ha.

Steeze. Nose Manny 180. Seq. Johnny Haynes
Finally, what is next in store for Wee Connor? Any sections coming out soon? More magazine coverage? Fabric stuff?
Ermm, grow a l3thal beard if possible ha. Maybe working on a Fabric part for later on next year, not certain yet though. Magazine wise, I'll hopefully get some shit done with the Blind johnny soon. 
Peace out.
Switch FS Big Spin. Seq. Johnny Haynes
Vist the FABRIC SITE HERE for more of Connor in the future