A Jam for Steve 'Bingo' Binks.

I have to say I don't think I photographed what went down any justice, but none the less i'm throwing them out there to show how many people showed up to show homage to Bingo and kill it even in the cold.

Before the session really got underway, Manhead decided to eat some sushi. Nowt wrong with raw fish. 

People showed up with a deck even if they weren't going to skate. Like myself. 

Blind Johnny took photos.

According to the last two photos, Boris has no hands.  

Matty throws out some shapes with a front k...

... And Jimbo says, hey!

Taking a break from general popping of tricks, Harrison hits up Instagram. 

Reagan with a nollie laser. I don't think this gap has ever been skated so much in one session. 

Got a few little movie pictures using sequences...

Reagan flip back smith, looks  more like a one foot back smith.