Moon Jam Part 2

     So, at the weekend there was a jam in aid of 'The Moon' in Washington, with all the proceeds going towards building some new obstacles and help out maintaining what is currently there, as little doylems seem to come along every now and then to fuck something up.

First off, I'd like to point out the amount of hard work that has went into this place. A lot of people have used a lot of their own time and energy building The Moon, and that is incredibly admirable. Spots like this shouldn't be taken for granted, a bit of care goes a long way.

Will Creswick  hits the top of the L Block. 

Plenty of familiar faces were present during the day. Dave, Fat Lew and Connor here.

Some people went all out during the best trick comps, here's a big ol' backside flip to the flat.

MVP Afro Josh hitting the Mike V rail supplied by Dave. 

Harry Veitch might be a little shit, but if he didn't snake everyone in sight he might not have been able to air this height. 

This one might need a bit of fixing up...

Jackie really came through with the prizes for this one. A whole selection of boards were won. little did he know Harry would take home 3 of them. 

Third place and you got to take one of these lasses home, or if you're Dan two.

MASSIVE SHOUT OUT TO BEN! Here's the man behind the whole event. Cheers for a great day, I'm sure I say that for everyone.