Stop the presses!! we have an interview with the one and only Howdon Hotdog! You will all remember this young man from the 'Buster's Weekly Montage' days, he was always shredding...but one day went slack and was never seen again. Well.....we have cought up with him and here is the result......

Adam : What is does the average howdon day consist of for you?
Hotdog: gym and going to my lasses

A: Do you miss skateboarding at alll?

H: not really because most of the people didnt like me anyway soo..

A: I loved you...If you could say anything to Buster right now what would it be?

H: freek change ya socks

A:Was he one of the main reasons you quit?

H: not realy i thought he was canny at first but then he just started being a dick to me for no reason.

A: Enough of Buster for now....What was your favourite skate spot and why?

H: white college or secret spot because it was small and fun to skate and you could do alot of shit there

A: Was secret spot that ledge near the garage places?

H: naa the one with the stairs near pilgrim but that was a good spot aswell when we first found it.

A: Do you not fancy getting on a skateboard one day and come skating those spots again?

H: yeah but no one really liked me soo there was no real point but ive still got my board and that

A: That sounds canny libs like, It was just Buster. I noticed you love Wing Hong noodles, do you not miss that?

H: ohh ayee haha. Saw the pic of me you and Glen on Myspace.

A: Do you regret the topless myspace photos?

H: well i dont really remember them and it was hardly flashing.

A: Did the ladies love it though?

H: Rites.

A: To end this on.....anything you would like to say to any skateboarders in particular?

H: Buster is a dick but the rest who new me were propa canny.

A: Stoked. It has been lovely talking to you, Goodnight David.

H: later

And to top it all off here is a Buster's weekly montage David linked me to, featuring Kickflips from The Hotdog, and even a big manny from yours truely.

Love, Adam.