Super Park Deekies

So noone watches the X Games because let's be honest who even likes vert. It's the same run again and again and at some point you might see a 900. It's like fishing, lots of sitting about and every now and then a bit of action but in the end it's a huge let down. The street is also shit, it's just a shit course which isn't like street at all with Ryan Sheckler getting rad whilst loads of tiny girls and Andy C scream and throw their training bras at him.
But i might watch it this year because they have the SUPER PARK, it's essentially vert but exciting and that kerrrrazzzy skater TNT is skating. Also what kind of a nickname is TNT, what is he? A Biker Mouse from Mars? That would be a lot better than a smelly skater on Anti Hero.

But reading that article I noticed something. Andy Mac is a dick. Look at him. Andy get with the program, noone wears helmets now. You may see skating as a sport and train but seriously skate without a helmet, someone somewhere might think you're legit. Just to be're not.

Ok so last night i contacted an infamous slackster, Mini John, who claims he's in Berlin but where are the rest of them and what are they doing now? I'm going to continue to find out weekly or possibly daily until every slack skater who i'm interested in has brought us up to speed in their lives. So for your viewing pleasure here is Karl B