dan and adam are slack deekies

yesterday was battle at the bridges/ ghetto sean's game of skate. dan and adam both took more pictures than me but are clearly just too slack to blog them.
the wee man was on the session. his favourite food is tac.
yeah late.

little connor bit the hand that fed him yesterday and knocked out jamie in the game of skate. when the game ended he was immediately sent to the naughty step. he has been there ever since.

a sheep with a mega phone.

funky flips are not big and they are not clever. the black bish learned this the hard way yesterday. after he was focused by me he headed straight for the bottle to drown his black sorrows and has not been seen since.
ranson is leaving soon. his giant heed will be missed
this is how dan reacted when i asked him to smile if he thought he was always late.
this is adairsy. his intrests include, in no order, mandolin, ukulele, looping peddle, wine, good people, talking, Music (Records, CD's, watching stuff live, finding new music, talking about music.) and films. don't get the wrong idea though, he's not an art fag or anything.
love buster.