wet deekies

i've been pretty slack recently and wanted to blog with my christmas deekie machine so went on the session today. dan dvs insisted we met at 12 because it gets dark early and he wanted a long session. as usual he showed up at native over an hour late and made me get up early for nothing, yeah dan!

i drew this picture and stuck it on a deck in native ages ago, stoked it's still there.

this seems to be jackies only pose. he needs to get some new crack.
yeah late.
after native we went to the park, it was wet. stoked.
dan_dvs saw three ragis at the park. he was over them so he mugged them for their tac. he then smoked it right in front of them while staring at them.
then we went to smooth path. it was also pretty wet .
ben ldl was stoked .

yeah late.
the skating photos of the day are a bit out of focus. the fault of the yoda.
not so little danny front krooked.
ben ldl front tailslide.
then we got kicked out because we were causing damage. if the security guards came into our house and started skateboarding on our table we wouldn't like it.
love buster.