Double blogging.

So I finally brought my blogging machine out and found out my memory card was locked. Turns out there's a switch on my memory card but luckily Tom Fone fixed it.

Wylie was in Native. He did switch tre's before most of you reading this blog could even skateboard, he also had a section in the classic Bollywood skateboard film Bishcam.

Bish was so stoked that he was in Native he gave a thumbs up, not a doubler so he wasn't that stoked.

King Adam isn't stoked.

He was even less stoked on the Brighton equivalent though.

The credit crunch is hitting everyone differently, Mini John is even further away from being able to buy a razor but for Native Skatestore they can't afford to buy real signs.

Bish is currently filming for his next skate video, expect it out around 2012.

Kurt has gained quite a fan base after his sections on Bishcam and Way Up North.

He's actually so famous he now doesn't even need to do his own stunts.

Check out the clouds fool.

So the session ended and we all went home. Lots of skating happened but I did not bother blogging it because I was skating.

At the busstop I ran into some friendly faces who were stoked to get blogged.

Are permhawks already a thing or has Jamie invented it?

James "What the fuck is that on your lip?" Horkan was also at the busstop.

Ghetto came past as well because he was going to check his hours for work at Tiger...stoked.