"well here, if you take any more pictures you'll turn into an artfag"

we didn't skate bridges today, stoked!

rob_c was on the session.

as was blind johnny aka musical johnny aka white power johnny. an interesting fact about him is that three pedophiles live in his street.

"give this to stefanemo so he can hang himself."

some art went down

some more art went down.

horkan emerged from hibernation to make a rare appearance on the session.
we skated that shit road gap near the wasteland. dan dvs threw down a lethal banger.
i realised that joe v looked like a dinosaur.
little connor bombed hills not countries sitting down.
a canny few snoots got their deekie.

i didn't take a single skating picture today. i was too busy concentrating on pictures of horkan and joe v. but here's a picture of glen from the other day to get stoked on.

kickflip out of the 5b's kicker.

love buster.