canny windy i tss

the session started off at car park bank today.

dan dvs was on the session pretending to blog.

ever since i witnessed the red bull milk float i've been addicted to red bull.

after car park bank the session moved to wasteland. it was a pretty good session. ghetto sean nose grind.

cherry switch 180 smith.

cherry switch front nose.

peter hippy jump 50-50, sharlpin' i tss.

ghetto sean ollie over the wall.

me nose bonk the wall.

me backsmith, dan dvs favourite angle.

dan dvs front feeble on the black thing on the bank.

wallie late one foots.

dan built a little bank thing and did stalls into it. it was a deekie. front feeble.

back 180 switch nosepick.

naygormal nose pick.

peter was on the session. he's from the toon, he smokes the snoot.

as was i, rocking the tied back hair

oh aye.

this guy tried to drive away really quickly when he saw me point the camera at him. session over for the kid.

love buster