shit saturdays

today was not a great day for skating or blogging. we skated this canny shit 3 set gap thing for most of the day. i would probably have rather died.

blinky was on the session ruining joev's life.

dan focused his board.

session over i tss.

little will ollie.

dee dee on the dD again, stokens i tss. tre flip.

sessions went down in the wigger dale mobile.

some horrible drunken emo slag tried to have ricks with us at leazers park. she stole ghetto sean's board then recconed he had punched her. oh aye.

then she started going wild screaming and trying to burst him.

rick on.

rick over.

jamie was laying down hammers over the gap. my leg is in the way on purpose.

he focused his heel trying to switch it then it was session over. the purple shoes were powerless against leazers gap.

he was pretty over it.


love buster.