we skated the wasteland today. the first wasteland session of many this summer.

OG slackster meldy was on the session. not skating though, he's too slack for that.

as was OG slackster the create skate. he wasn't skating either though, he's too slack for that.

lil will back 5-0 stall on the now focused bank.

ben front 5-0.

ghetto sean radical back smith. stoked on this one.

his ginger beard was all up in this biatch.

an intresting fact about little will is that he actually loves s club 7. he had this written on his wheels.

this is what happens when he thinks about how much he loves them.


he borrowed my camera because he wanted to do some art. below are the results;

little will; newcastle's next top art fag.

a pretty sick wallie got built. the irish jimbo was getting stoked on tuck-knees.

jamie ollie in.

the irish joe wallie back 180.

it was around this point that shit got real.

then it got realer.

the it reaches it realest. this was probably the most mental thing i have ever seen. wait for the footage.

love buster.