"hey it's dry as fuck and really sunny today, i know lets skate bridges all day!"

the session started in burger king today.

chicken royales got deekied.

king adam's favourite place to skate on a sunny day is five bridges.

ghetto sean, half man half monkey.

king adam got front side hurricanes. then he popped out of that shit to normal like some sort of wilderbeast.

then he flew over the bench into back 50.

the kiwi was stoked on that shit.

ghetto sean front 180 switch 5-0 180 out.

king adam wasn't ready for what happened next

the half man half monkey sean decided to climb the tree. a normal person would stop climbing where the braches get really thin and weak. but not the monkey sean. he continued climbing and a branch snapped under his foot leaving him hanging on for his monkey life right at the top. he nearly ate some serious shit. yeah the monkey sean!

narrowly escaping from the tree with his life, he went on to bust out the biggest melon i've ever seen in my life. how the fuck he can pop that high is something i do not understand. if i had a fisheye then i could have got seriously epic on this one.

the kiwi was stoked on that shit too.

then ghetto busted out a jamie inspired stress out.

he got over stressing and busted out some backside huricane fakies instead.

by this point it was time for the meeting about bridges with the police that everyone knew about and claimed they would attend. the turn out for this meeting can only be described as a............

12 people showed up. yeah dawgs!

lethalmore showed up. he's currently undergoing rehab and councilling to help fight his addiction. he's addicted to digital deekies. he even has it on his phone so he can get a quick fix when out and about.

had you attended the meeting you would have been able to press the radical buttons.

the yoda and paul oakes were chilling in home bargains on the way home.


another blog tommorow
love buster.