wednesday session.

today was pretty sunny. straight up stokens.

ginger jamie started the day by focusing his board.

snoot time with lethalmore went down outside native

first spot was the vaxhuall garage, the north east's number one ginger tree hugger was repping the peace sign.

hippys don't wear shoes.

ghetto sean flip on the bank.

jamie got rad and noseblunted in. havn't got my head round sequences yet, they're coming soon.

little will's dad took a nap.

little will went over to see what his dad's crack was.

jamie power pop over the road gap.

little will and danny slacked off and sat down.

jamie stressed out over front side flips.

then he got over stressing and layed it down. was this landed? wait for say hello i tss.

then little will got over it and went home.

he stayed at home for a bit then blasted back onto the session using his jet pack.

danny threw down a perfect flip over the grate gap first go. danny, best kickflip in the north east?

ginger jamie loved crips again today.

then ghetto sean shut the grate gap down with a backside flip.

last spot of the day was the favourite park. to everyone's delight andyo was on session.

i was over the park so i went home, session over. another blog tommorow.
love buster.