a blog a day keeps the yoda away.

today we skated whitley bay. the session started off at ghetto sean's house.

the best juice in the world was on the session. digital deekies seal of approval on that shit.

the art fag jack was at whitley bay scrounging his precious snoot as usual.

the artfag prison has finally come to terms with appearing on digital deekies. he's learned not to let the fame go to his head.

austin powers aka blind johnny was rocking his new tshirt.

pretty stoked on horkan v.2, he even had the beard. i kept getting in his way on purpose in hope that he would say "arrr fa fuck sake man!" but he didn't.

ghetto sean got his sharlp on, pretty stoked on this.

then he took it to the next level and busted out a kiwi over the lawn.

the prison decided the lawn could use a trim so he lawnmowered that shit.

jack rolled into the lawn, pretty extreme. the lawn was a session.

ghetto sean back 50 on the hubba

artfags of the world unite and take over.

ghetto sean front nose, hanging off the back foot because he knows the steez.

session over, another blog tommorow.
love buster