a monday session

i'm off college all week this week, there could possibly be a blog a day if people arn't to slack and come skating.

blind johnny was on the session yesterday getting stoked on his new t shirt.

his glasses got taxed.

then they got taxed again.

and again.

we skated the park first, it was canny shit because the park is shit. ginger jamie went surfing.

ghetto focused his leg doing front noseslides.

his leg is pretty gnarly.

blind johnny did a pretty sick trick in the bowl, half cab heelflip the hard way. stoked on that. shit picture, when i get a fisheye then i can get stoked.

on our way to the next spot we saw the artfag jack. he was laying down artfag steez on northumberland street.

then we saw the sickest vehicle of all time. it was a redbull milk float. it was even electric allowing it lay down environmentaly friendly hammers.

ginger jamie and ghetto sean sat inside, ginger jamie later described it as being the best moment of his life.

100% stoked on the redbull milk float

ghetto sean threw down a hammer here but i couldn't get close enough to take a good picture as i had to look after the bags, focused.

then ghetto sean decided his lungs were dicks and he was over them. he bought 1000 snoot and smoked them all back to back to teach them a lesson.

ginger jamie loved crisps.

we skated the vaxhuall garage for a bit, ghetto sean 5-0 fakies.

ginger jamie front tail, slid like a yoda.

then we went back to ghetto sean's and payed homage to the magic bong

then the session went like this......session over.

love buster.