the session started off in native today.

jackie was shutting shit down with his stapler.

ginger jamie was on the session with his "focused heel".

his heel is canny fucked like, he can't even walk on it let alone skate.

the very best of deekies.

the snow lepard was on the session.

it even smoked itself a snoot.

lungless used to skate and now he wears a helmet and rides a bike. haway man puff.

mellon did some ollie fakies.

ghetto sean pop shuv the channel gap. tweaker bgp's end this picture.

the ghetto sean dreams come true.

ben ldl mid "fuck off jamie," jamie shut blogging down.

he even took some myspace pictures. pc4pc on that shit.

ghetto sean shralp fest melon.

early morning sean pretty much shuts the park down. madonna to tail over the tear drop. shit picture, sick trick

jamie crafted himself a weapon using a shoe lace and a bottle.

it was pretty deadly.

then we got over the park and went to mellon's flat. to my delight the black bish was there.

this is the black bish's favourite clown with a melted face.

these are the black bish's favourite passport photos.

mellon's favourite snoot smoking bird puppet was on the session.

as was the black bish skateboarding piƱata.
ginger jamie rocking the black bish solid gold sun glasses.

the black bish's favourite 3rd person quarentine note.

the black bish's cleaning product of choice.

the black bish's ninja warrior.

the black bish laying down some OG hammers.

the black bish laying down some more OG hammers.

then the black bish went out and mellon decided it was time to get his cook on.

he made some sausages, they were pretty rad.

ghetto sean was stoked.

as was jamie

then i got over and went home, session over.

love buster.