sunday sesh2

after yesterday's intense redbull fueled skate battle, a relaxed sunday session was deffinately some sort of deekie.

everybody's favourite ex park tweaker glen was on the session.

as was everybody's second favourite ex park tweaker little will.

dan was on the session busting out his favourite poses. he calls this one the polar bear puff.

little connor aka the north east's number one armed robbery victim was also on the session. he was held up at gun point and forced to hand over his native voucher yesterday. rematch!

highland toffee is areet. it's no vimto bar though.

dan is taking charge of jamie's camera while jamie slacks off and smokes chong with the wigga dale/ is injured.

little connor, the cheekiest little bahhstard since miller_c.

little will layed down some secret hammers at car park bank.

dan dvs hippie jump his favourite red thing.

dan filmed loads of shit on jamie's camera and claimed he would make a montage. he also claimed this montage would be out by tuesday. oh aye.

love buster.