Pigs Behind The Wigs - Bish's Room.

There hasn't been a post for a couple of days, you probably think it is slackness but you would be wronggggggggggggg. I left my camera at Bish's flat after filming an interview with him about his bedroom. I decided it could be part of the long awaited 'Pigs Behind The Wigs' documentary, so here I bring you part one. Enjoy.

the 'next time' has fucked up and moved, but am I fuck uploading that again.

...and here are some photos from Thursday and today.

Mellon gave me some homemade cookies.

We skated here.

We tryed to make a trick tip but it rained as soon as Bish pressed record.

Today Kurt took us out in the car to Coxhoe. We went into the most tweaked shop on the way where an old lady gave us directions to a dead end.

Mellon was loving it.

Last thing I got to blog was this sick Nollie tre into college bank. Did he roll it? Wait for Pigs in Wigs and see.