a blast from the last year

i found loads of pictures i took last year yesterday when looking for ones of the yoda, deekie;

karl_b used to shut the session down on the regular. unfortunately we lost him to the dark side and now he loves cowies.

the wigga dale mad chongin'

king adam and hopper pre digital deekies.

hopper rocking his favourite hoody that looks to be made out of a carpet. stoked on that.

possibly the best picture of all time.

this one pretty much speaks for itself.

this is possibly the first skating picture i ever took, little will 5-0 an exi ledge.

this was the first time little will ever heelflipped the law courts. it was actually broad daylight i just couldn't handle the settings on my camera.

support your local arse kid. tre flip.

king adam front k on the bridges bench.

on saturday digital deekies is getting shut down, just wait.

love buster.