saturday mega blog

today the session started off at harry bastard banks but then it started to rain and we went to the favourite 5 bridges.

harry bastard banks is shit.

on the way to bridges we saw the orc aka the kiwi. seeing him got us all stoked on kiwis.

when we got to bridges dan couldn't hold it anymore and had to lay some down. yeah the kiwi.

little connor got stoked on burger king.

i asked andyo to do a pose that refelcted how gay and tweaked he was. this was the outcome, i think it sums it up quite well. if you look closely you might be able to see andyo's favourite fake lip piercing. he wears it because he is bored.

dan and little will both loved 5 bridges.

the afro kid ate chocolate.

dan deekied.

the art fag prison still can't handle the fame appearing on digital deekies will bring. he desperately dodges this one with the use of his art fag hood. i'll get him next time.

yeah dan!

little connor got his art on.

as did little will.

as did glen aka the art-se kid

blinky layed down hammers on the bank. i'm not sure what this trick is called. radical shralp stall?

as did i, not even sure what this, some sort of front noseslide.

ghetto sean switch flipped the thin block, stoked on that, shady picture.

the blinky threw down some front blunts.

the irish jimbo did a back tail on the big side of the L block, hammers i tss.

then he did a switch k, the session had been shut down.

love buster