sundays with.....


andyo aka no.1 tweaker aka danger andy is definitely the rock star of the north east skateboarding scene. some people might argue that he is a tweaker, they might say that the picture above proves this but here at digital deekies we say fuck the haters. andyo is a shredder of the highest degree and if you can't recognise this, then in the words of andyo himself, "go and grow a penis"

andyo showcasing his rockstar attitude to life. a middle finger to the world.

he took a break from laying down hammers to strike a pose.

his signature airwalks were on the session. some say they possess magical powers.

then he decided it was time to stop fucking around and get rad on the bench. it was wet so he dried that shit.

then he waxed it up for maximum slide.

all that was left to do was get it done, andyo shut it down with a radical boardslide, proving he is indeed made of spaghetti.

next andyo got mad air.

then he stepped it up with a 180. it may look like he isn't going to land it but that's just his steez, he rolled that shit first try.

then he did a tailslide on the bank, he added in the limp rist to keep everyone stoked.

after that he took a leaf out of the kiwi's book and threw down a kiwi. probably the gnarliest hammer of the day.

after that there was nothing left to do so he sat down. bridges had been completely shut down in every possible way.

some non-andyo related pictures.........

dan dvs favourite facial expressions

little connor claims he's over being blogged, is he shite.

ginger jamie claims my pictures aren't art enough.

happy now dick?

love buster.