we skated bridges today.

the return of the phantom blogger.

the black bish showcasing his latest erotic pose.

king adam loves to hail satan.

the guy from the chronicle came to bridges today. he spent his day lying on the floor taking pictures of little will. he wasn't a nonce or anything though.

real compton city G andyo was on the session.

dan dvs was pretending to blog again.

little will about to be issued with a ben ldl tombstone pile driver.


leroy jenkins was on the session.

dan dvs took cherry's bike off some sweet jumps.

then he layed down a woo back smithy. yeah hand cut.

i'd like to dedicate this one to the blinky.

ben ldl fakie i'm not sure what it's called. it's pretty sick though.

ghetto sean switch flip the gap.

it would be canny areet if dan dvs blogged the pictures he takes.
love buster.