the started off at native today.

the slackie was stoked as usual.

heelflip mark was on the session, sadly he wasn't with the kiwi.

he did however have a tattoo of a spider on his arm.

yeah heelflip mark.

little connor was on the session.

as was the black bish.

little will was hitting whiteys.

then we went to the wasteland. little will rock and roll the black thing out of the quarter.

one foot nosestall.

ben ldl epic kiwi.

ghetto sean tre

ghetto sean switch flip

little will varial heel.

then we got over the wasteland and went to the black bish's flat.

the black bish was on the session.

little connor mentally scarred himself for life watching the black bish's brutal porn.

bragster dare's went down. this actually looks quite nice, almost like bolognese sauce. it was infact a gnarly mixture of the contense of the black bish's cupboards. i drank a shot, it was a session.

yeah the black bish.

love buster.