an deekie

the session started off at the gateshead smooth path today.

leeroy jenkins was on the session.

glen sessioned this little kicker. he was claiming these as tuck knees, they just look like indys to me though.

tre flips every day.

joev was on the session lying down on a bench like some sort of drunken hobo. he looks pretty joever it.

the blinky gnarly drop in.

wizzley snipes was wearing his favourite grandad jumper. this ones going straight to myspace.

then we got kicked off by this fat gimp. how fat was the fat gimp?

this fat.

then we went to bridges. the prudhoe burger was on the sesh1.

there's a crack den under the bank of bridges. litttle connor was stoked on that shit.

rob_c lurking in the bushes. probably waiting for children.

the blinky wallride out of the bank to roll away on the dirt. stoked on the added art steez.

then we went to the best of howman premiere. we were canny early. sir cky was on the session.

mellon got stoked on cannabis vodka.

the black bish and jimbo were on the session.

joev green dick head.

big neil was getting burgers bolts every try.

the kiwi's little brother i tss!

dan dvs got stoked on a canny few burgers.


the slackie was on the session wearing pink shoes. yeah the slackie!

the north east number 1 i was sick then i got slack and now i love real ale, paul morris was on the session.

the drunken black bish promised to make me a digital deekies cake at the end of the premiere. the black bish get it done.

love buster.