the session started at the wasteland today.

glen was stoked.

police in helicopters, searching for the yoda.

blinky threw down some shralp stalls.

then he caveman boardslid that blue wodden rail near the star and shadow.

then we went to car park bank. we go there far too much. little will was on the session.

lazerflip steve took a rare break from the internet to lay down a standing still roast beef. stoked on that.

skater girls get naked, tom fone gets stoked.

i can't remember whos board this was but they were canny lucky. it got stuck just before falling off the massive drop and smashing into a thousand d lams.

little will chilling with the big lads.

then we went to baltic 4. little connor decided it was hammer time.

he got his tre flip on.

but then he ate shit and focused his heel.

he lay on the stairs in agony for a bit. then it was next spot.

we went on missions down the gateshead side of the quayside.

rob_c was on the session filming hammers.

the session ended up at the smooth ground place right at the end of the quayside. the blinky was over it.

rob_c put down hammers.

games of skate went down. little will got crushed. then we all got over it.

love big B.