wor kid wor skid wor dustbin lid.

today the session started off at the black bish's flat.

dan dvs was getting it done.

we saw some pretty tweaked shit on northumberland street. it was like a little band made out of doll's heads and old hobo clothes, it even played a little tune. i was over it.

we skated 55 degrees north but got over pretty quickly after a smack head threw m&ms at us because we wouldnt give him 20 pence.

then we went to cluny 4. dan dvs got it done. i wasn't prepared for the hammers when he got it done so the picture is shit. session over.

mellon, just jamie and danny were over skating cluny 4 because they already backflipped it last week .

then we went to the wasteland. little will was on the session.

he even threw down some more art.

the black bish got his tattoo out.

then he did a back disaster type manouver from the bank into the quarter.

people getting pushed in trolleys often ends in tears. especially when the person pushing is ginger jamie.

dan dvs trolley hammers.

mellon hit a whitey the other day because his insulin machine went waygild. session over.

nosebonk back 180, little will favourite angles.

just jamie was on the session.

hippy jump i tss.

little will got his breakdance on and threw down some headspins.

then he decided it was time to get off his lips.

teen drinking is very bad. but little will got a fake ID though.

dan filmed some hammers, digital deekie montage of the weekie episode 2 out soon.

love buster.