Go skateboarding day

So today was go Skateboarding day and apparently none of you did because you're all slack.

Anyway, the best trick contest happened and it was sick. Not many people involved but some hammers got dropped so it was sick.

Started off on the L Block. Jamie won with Dan and Jimbo coming in second.

Here's the things I wrote down which got me stoked.

Jamie: Nollie 5.0 on the top.
Nollie 5.0 revert on the top.
Switch K on the top.
Switch 180 nosegrind revert on the top.

Jimbo: Switch nosegrind the top.
Back 180 fakie 5.0 or switch nosegrind. Extra steezy.

Dan: Frontlip backside 270 out.
Frontlip flip out.
Frontlip shuv out.
Ollie north nosemanny.

Cherry: Switch BS noseslide on the top
Switch FS noseslide on the top.

Ghetto: Back smith on the top.

Marty: Nosewheelie 360 shuv.

Loads of other stuff went down but those were the things I got stoked on.

On the kicker to block Dan won with Blinky and Cherry coming second.

Dan: Flip back 5050
Front 5.0
Wallie K.
Wallie north.
5050 Ollie North.
Nosegrind revert.

Blinky: Wallie Melon
Wallie 5.0
Wallie alley oop front 180.
Wallie Alley oop front stalefish.
360 kiwi.
5.0 180 out half way along the block.
5050 kickflip out.

Cherry: Switch 5050
Switch front nose
Switch Back nose.
Switch frontside 360.
Switch back k.

Jimbo: Wallie tuck knee.

Kurt: Front lip

Glen: Front 360
Front bigspin.
Front big heel.
Frontside flip.

Adam Lewis:Switch Backside heel (Extra points because he was the youngest guy in it and because it was his last go and he stuck it. Stoked! So extra excitement, Glen told me that the backside heel was in fact switch. Hammertime.)

We decided that since there wasn't much money involved we'd give out awards so me and Wylie made up a few.

Best attitude: Adam Lewis.
Most determined: Glen
Most cheerful: Sean
Most switch: Cherry
Most creative: Blinky
Most wild: Kurt
Most smelly: Wylie
Best dressed, as voted for by Wylie: Kurt/Jimbo/Blinky
Worst bail: Jimbo. (Honourable mention: Mini John)
Best board snap: Glen because he did it two minutes before the competition started. (Honourable mention for Jamie and Jimbo)
Crowd pleaser: Originally Mini John but me and Wylie decided it was Adam Lewis because he killed it.
Most surprising appearance: Mini John
Most disapointing: Blinky (That ollie tailslide thing down the side of the block was neither big nor clever)
Wylie's What?! award: Blinky.
Best commentary: Mellon, Wylie, Adam, Mini John and Rob C.
Most cheeky: Dan
Best kickflip: Kurt

 Was last minute organisation on my part but there's more shit getting organised soon with more money involved.

Buster was taking photos and Rob C filmed it so there should be more rad stuff up.