nation wide day of shralp.

the turn out was pretty weak. it was like the bridges council meeting all over again. some people need to sort their lives out.

mini john was on the session. he decided it would be unfair on everyone else to enter though. no one can compete with the board to board hammers.

wizzley snipes was also on the session.

not many people entered. most people just sat on the l block having a deekie. haway man slack.

i didn't want to get to close incase my face got taken off by kurt going 100 mph so the pictures all look dark and grainy like a yoda. burst.

blinky was putting down extreme hammers. he should have won in my opinion. wallie 180 stalefish.

jimbo back blunt.

dan backlip.

cherry switch front nose.

ghetto beasty melon.

jamie front blunt.

then as usual, jamie focused his board.

phil 88 could have had that board. burst for the kid.

dan dvs collected his winings of about 3 quid.

then we went to the wasteland to deekie the new quarter. it is without a doubt, the best quarter of all time. glen got some mad air.

ANTwuan dixon was on the session.

as was theotis BEEsley.

jimbo 5-0 fakie.

glen flip fakie.

dan blunt fakie.

ghetto ollie over some bricks, picture by dan.

love buster.