The one where everyone learnt noseblunts

So I have no money and can't afford to go anywhere which requires real transport so since it was a sunny day I met up with Dan and head to the Wasteland.

After filming a whole section at Whitley Bay park yesterday Glen was stoked to relax with his doggs and just take in the rays.

Gnarly Sean killed it with backlips at a million miles an hour.

Dan hit up the broken block with noseblunt of the frontside variation.

Jamie did the same except backside.

Dan continued his new habit of landing a banger then falling off rolling away and soaked his board.

Tom Fone said noseblunts were gay and made a point of nosebonking everything and anything in sight, this included a small child in a wheelchair. Some people said it was out of order but when you're as white as him I think you can get away with these things.

This likely lad was on the session. I lent him a cigarette and I'm expecting one back any day soon.

The Shredability team were out on the session, would have been a good time to blog some skateboarding lads.

Dan did a wicked stunt and everyone got stoked. He then repeated the stunt, landed it, rolled a bit, then fell off.

Hey look everyone, it's that douche who broke the block!