Top 5 reasons you do not skate...

1. Work



4. Just on a break, did it every day for 8 years this is just a long rest

5. The Party

Top 5 things you have Backside flipped..

1. River 5 about 654046 times

2. Law Courts

3. Last trick on way up north near Metro Centre

4. Crater at the moon

5.flatground Haymarket

Top 5 OG newcastle skateboarders...

1. Scott Cherry

2. Shaun Lowton

3. Fraser

4. Ranson

5. Wylie

...... so many more could chose

Top 5 tricks you've seen go down...

1. Dan Sammons Switch fs flip pilgrim 8

2. Kurt Mitchell ollie Mortimer Double

3. Rosies epic double day at law courts, switch flip and switch fs flip

4. James Coyle front blunt flip out at dove ledge

5. Scott Cherry switch heel smack head double

Top 5 things to do in your spare time other than iSketch...
1. Listen to music
2. Watch football
3. Pub
4. Dance like a doyle
5. Ladies
Top 5 things you miss about the session...

1. Bish

2. Jackie

3. Being Fit

4. James 'Mr Chips' Coyle

5. Everyone I shared the immense times with!

Thank you very much Mr Morris
Love Adam.