the slackie's days are numbered.

red bull sent us some red bull because they are stoked on the dD. they left it in native and the slackie gave it out to everyone who came into native before we had collected it. the slackie gave away our redbull and because of this he will be burst.

thinking of a way to burst the slackie is a pretty hard task. little connor drank some red bull to help him think quickly.

dan dvs sat on the edge of the roof plotting. he came up with the idea of digging a tunnel under native then smuggling a horse down the tunnel and into native. in the morning when the slackie goes in early to sort out mail order, a horse will be there and it will trample him to death.

dan consulted little connor on his idea but connor was over it.

little connor smoked himself a snoot and thought more.

then connor and will brainstormed their ideas to make sure the slackie feels maximum pain and suffereing when he gets burst.

jamie first try kickflip pilgrim 8.

danny nollie hardflip, may or may not have been landed.

dan dvs was still thinking of ways to get the slackie back for giving away our red bull.

little connor brushed up on his bursting skills ready for the next time he sees the slackie by focusing his board.

then he had a piss.

jamie sending a message to the slackie.
dan dvs took out his anger at the slackie giving away our red bull on the wasteland bank with his bare hands. when we are finished with the slackie he will regret the day he gave away our red bull.

love buster.